A Kansas City Reading Series


Saturday, September 21st, 7pm at Walnut Laundromat
(4241 Walnut St. KCMO 64111) FREE!

Mia ALVARADO is the author of Hey Folly (Dos Madres Press). She has work forthcoming in the Boston Review, and other recent stuff in The Point, Thermos and Jacket 2. She's working on a collection of lyric essays called Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight Good Morning and a post-apocalyptic novel set in Colorado, where she lives. She's a gardener, teacher, and ma, in the opposite order.

Nico ALVARADO was born in Basque country in 1971 and educated in Scotland, Switzerland, and Ohio. After achieving some renown as a telemark skier in the late 1980s, he spent many years writing Argentine soap operas. The author of many unpublished works of poetry and detective fiction, he lives in Montana and raises bighorn sheep.

Amelia MCKNIGHT has lived in and around Kansas City her entire life. She is currently a senior in painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. She collects books about animals and likes to go to the zoo.

(this reading is in partnership with Byproduct: The Laundromat)